Derby 101 - Learn how to play roller derby!

Event | 2:00 pm

New skaters are invited to join our Bootcamp classes to learn all the things they need to know about playing roller derby and joining our team.  Each Bootcamp cycle begins with a 3 hour Derby 101 class where participants are invited to strap on skates and learn the basics from our coaches and skaters.  Don’t worry . . . it’s no contact.  (that comes later!)



WHEN:  Sunday, 10/8, 2-5pm

WHERE:  Fairgrounds Sports Arena - 500 Wedgewood Ave., Nashville

WHO:  Women 18+

COST:  $10 for the 101 class only (or $50 for the 101 + all Fall Bootcamp classes)



MOUTHGUARDS ARE REQUIRED for the Derby 101 class and all Bootcamp practices.  Any $3 boil and bite mouthguard from Walmart is fine.  We can supply gear and skates if you need to borrow them.  Equipment is available on a first come, first served basis.


Wear comfortable workout clothes, trainers/sneakers, and bring a water bottle - you’re going to sweat! :)

Doors open @ 2:00 pm

Game @ 2:00 pm