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Recreational Roller Derby

NRG’s Recreational League, the Revolutionaries, is a group of skaters who meet to enjoy the lighter side of roller derby (no hard hits here), love to skate, and want to stay healthy while having Fun!

Our mission is to provide a fun, safe and competitive environment for all participants. Come in as a beginning skater, an ice or inline skater wanting to try out quad skating, a retiree, or an existing derby girl or referee from another league who wants additional coaching and track time.

Practice Schedule

Tuesdays 6pm-9pm.
6pm-7pm is reserved for basic skills.
7pm-9pm is for more advanced skaters and derby drills.
*If you are brand new to skating and rec league, we invite you to enter rec league on the first Tuesday of the month. RSVP at and we will send you the details.

Practices are conducted by current NRG skaters and Rec League members and are held at the NRG practice facility, the Blood and Thunderdome.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring water! Familiarize yourself with the rules by visiting

Please note: A skills assessment will be required to participate fully in the 7-9pm practice. Our number one priority is SAFETY. We reserve the right to ask any skater to sit out on drills if we feel safety and liability will be compromised.


$25 a month for all practices OR $10 per practice, up to $25. You may pay upon arrival with cash or check (made out to Nashville Rollergirls), or pay dues online with Use for recurring payments.

When paying dues, add (Rec League) after your name.

So...what gear will you need?

Quad skates
Elbow pads
Knee pads
Wrist guards
Tennis shoes

We have a limited amount of loaner gear available, but you are required to provide your own mouthguard.

A great place to purchase gear is Asphalt Beach, which will give you a discount if you let them know you are skating with NRG’s Rec League!

  • All skaters must sign in upon arrival
  • An off-skates workout will start every practice so please bring sneakers
  • Though we provide the drills and direction, this is primarily self-directed. We will challenge you, and will NOT baby you...set your own goals and find your own inner badass.
  • Whiners need not attend!!!
  • The Nashville Rollergirls are volunteers at rec league and will demonstrate more advanced skills when necessary. They too reserve the right to ask you to sit out of a drill if they feel safety is compromised.


Please contact Hoosier Honey (Kate) or Twitch (Crystal) at