Nashville Rollergirls Tickets

You can buy tickets to all Nashville Rollergirls bouts at Municipal Auditorium individually from Ticketmaster, from one of our ticket vendors listed below, in person from your favorite rollergirl or via our season schedule.

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Nashville ticket vendors usually have tickets 2-3 weeks prior to each game, please call for availability. Season tickets are available for purchase directly from the Nashville Rollergirls, online only via the form on this page.

2015 ticket prices are:
Adults (ages 13+) - $10 presale, available at local ticket vendors or from rollergirls only
Adults (ages 13+) - $15 at the door
Groups (10+ adult admissions) - $13 at door (group ticket, 10+ adult admissions only, see below for more info)
Large Groups (100+ admissions) - Contact for a custom pricing arrangement
Student (with ID) - $10 at the door
Kids ages 7-12 - $7 at the door
First responder and military - $7 at the door
Kids 6 & under - FREE! No ticket needed.

Email for more information.

NRG Punchcards!

What is a Punch Card??

A Punch Card is a Nashville Rollergirls loyalty card to reward our most loyal fans! For every game that you come to in the 2015 Home Season, you'll get a punch on your card.

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What does the loyalty card get me?

If you get 4 punches in your card (by coming to 4 home games), you'll be invited to a private, end of the season party hosted by the Nashville Rollergirls. **

Awesome! Where can I get a Punch Card??

The Punch cards will be available at our first 2 home games of the season. You can pick one up at the entrance or at the merch table. There are a limited number of cards so make sure you get one ASAP.

How do I get my Punch Card punched?

We'll have volunteers at the entrance to punch your card.

What happens when I get my 4 punches?

Once you have 4 punches on your Punch Card, you can register your card to receive an invite to the private party. After our July 18th game, we'll update this page with instructions on how to register your card and receive your invitation.

Can I bring a friend to the party?

Your invitation will only be good for one person so make sure that all of your friends and family come and get their cards punched as well!

I lost my card!! What do I do?

Unfortunately, we can not replace lost punch cards.


If you have any questions about the Punch Cards please feel free to shoot an email to

**Party may be subject to venue age restrictions

Parking Information


You can find parking options at Park It Downtown or by following the suggestions of the Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

Ticket Vendors

Adult General Admission tickets are $15 at the door on game day, but special discounted $10 advance tickets are available from our ticket vendors below. Please call to verify availability. Ticket vendors accept cash only and do not sell season tickets or discount kids or military tickets. Discounts and vouchers are not redeemable with our ticket vendors, they must be redeemed at the box office on game day.

Ben & Jerry's
416 21st Ave S #A (near Vanderbilt)

Asphalt Beach
961 Woodland St (East Nashville)

Fleet Street Pub
207 Printer's Alley

All Season Gardening and Brewing Supply
924 8th Ave South
Mon-Sat 9 to 6pm